John McGregor Ministries



Quotes John McGregor is a wonderful man of God with a personal testimony that is both powerful and deeply moving. He is a living testimony to the redemptive power of God. I would highly recommend John's ministry to any church which is seeking revival and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. John led our church in Brockville, Ontario, on a two day spiritual journey that further revealed to us the depth and restoring power of God's forgiveness and his message of hope. May God continue to bless your ministry John! Quotes
Rev. David Steele

Quotes John McGregor has been in our church on two occasions for revival meetings. I can say without any reservation that John is a preacher of the highest caliber. He presents the Word of God in an uncompromising fashion and pulls rich meaning out of every text. Our people love and respond when John McGregor is preaching. I recommend him to any church without reservation. Rev. Mark D. Partin, Pastor, Indiana Ave. Baptist Church, LaFOllette TN, USA Quotes
Rev. Mark D. Partin
Senior Pastor